July 2019:

Jackpot City Bingo funds help TPSAR volunteers focus on Search and Rescue activities. In the past many volunteer's hours were used for fund raising initiatives. This bingo fundraiser uses up less hours and provides our team with a consistent flow of essential funds. TPSAR uses Bingo funds to pay for training, buy much need equipment and supplies needed during Search & Rescue missions.

May 2017:

TPSAR is hosted a Track Awareness Course presented by instructors Bart Bjorkman & Kelly Carnochan of Northern Tracker from British Columbia an May 26, 27, 28th 2017

Tracking: The ability to follow disturbances indicating the presence or passage of a person or animal.

A large part of tracking is developing acute observation skills. Imagine being able to see things that others don't see. Consider how hyper-awareness can change your life...not just the ability to follow a person or animal, but in all areas - such as avoiding danger and recognizing lies.

Bart Bjorkman is an accomplished tracker and the former director of training for the British Columbia Tracking Association. He has achieved the highest level of certification (Sign Cutter) through Universal Tracking Systems. With a military background as a Special Services Force Medic, College diplomas in Criminal Justice and Forensics, as well as being a former Search and Rescue Manager (Emergency Management of British Columbia), Bjorkman is frequently deployed in search and rescue operations, primarily as a tracker. As a tracker trainer, he instructs Search and Rescue groups, as well as contracts to Government organizations and the Military for tracking and counter-tracking.

Kelly Carnochan is considered one of the most qualified female trackers in Western Canada. The former (multi term) president and regional director of the British Columbia Tracking Association, Carnochan provided the leadership and guidance to help build the BCTA into one of the largest training organizations of it's kind. Having come through the Universal Tracking Services ranks to become a "sign cutter", Kelly is unique in that she is also a search and rescue dog handler - with one of the few certified SAR dogs recognized by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

About this course: This is where core observation skills are developed. On completion of this course, you will be able to:

- Identify and differentiate tracks

- Follow a "line of sign"

- Establish the direction of travel of a lost person

- Dramatically enhance your observation skills

March 2017:

Timmins Porcupine Search and Rescue - Loss of a Leader & Friend

Timmins Porcupine Search and Rescue Inc.(TPSAR) and the Ontario Search and Rescue Volunteer Association (OSARVA) have recently lost one of their leaders, mentors and friends, Horace Webb. Horace was much more than just a leader. He was kind, sincere and generous in every aspect of his life. He spoke of his family at length, was able to coach new members, motivate existing members and lead several boards and committees on both the local, provincial and national levels.

Horace began his involvement with search and rescue over 23 years ago and made significant contributions to the Timmins Porcupine Search and Rescue organization. He was a searcher, search manager, team leader and instructor and excelled in all these areas. His coaching and leadership provided confidence, advancement and dedication with all members of TPSAR. He was a true portrayal of the SAR motto ?So others may live.?

Horace was actively involved in training more members, in all areas of search and rescue than any other person in Ontario. He has trained teams and members on basic level training, recertifications, search management, Incident Command Systems and Preventative SAR. He was certified as:

- SAR Basic Instructor

- OSARVA Train the Trainer

- ICS Instructor 100/200

- AdventureSmart Hug-A-Tree Instructor

- AdventureSmart Survival Instructor

- AdventureSmart Master Instructor

In recognition of Horace Webb, TPSAR will be presenting an annual ?Horace Webb Award? to a member who has demonstrated outstanding service throughout the year. His legacy will live on within both TPSAR, as well as OSARVA, who have also renamed their Outstanding Long Term Service Award to the Horace Webb Award.

Lastly, TPSAR extend their condolences to Horace?s family, who are considered part of our SAR family.


Lisa Dubeau

Public Relations Chairperson

November 2015:

Life-Saving Donation

Thanks to the Becel Ride for Heart program, The Timmins Porcupine Search & Rescue Unit (TPSAR) recently received a donation of a Phillips Automated External Defibrillator (AED). The donation became possible when the Heart and Stroke Foundation made a request to every Public Access Defibrillation Program Lead to identify one local organization which they felt could benefit from having this life-saving device.

Jean Carriere, Director of Emergency Medical Services, thought that TPSAR would be a good candidate for such a donation and proceeded to submit the application, which was ultimately approved.

TPSAR is very thankful to the local EMS for being selected as the lucky recipient.

Pictured is James Vieno, Vice-President of the Timmins Porcupine Search and Rescue Unit, accepting the donation from EMS representative, Marc Renaud.